Wedding Officiant & Civil Celebrant


 Planning your wedding ceremony is a process of exploration and discovery, it can be one of the more enjoyable and private aspects of wedding planning as it is time for a couple to concentrate upon each other.  Let’s get together to create a personal and meaningful ceremony for you.


Its important that you own your own ceremony


No matter how many professionals, family and friends are there to help, and no matter who you choose to officiate, it is vital that you own your ceremony. Be sure to ask every question you can think of. In this way, when the ceremony begins, you can focus on what is really important; your personal pledge to one another.

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Your Vows

significant and beautiful

Perhaps you have always dreamed of saying your own vows.  With as much overall guidance and structural help from me as you need, I know you can write significant and beautiful vows. 

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Personal Touches

celebration of your destinies

Your marriage ceremony is a celebration of your destinies, each other. This is the opportunity to acknowledge that your union as a team requires also a willingness for individual growth.