What They're Saying:

Although we were familiar with the entire ceremony, hearing it from you yesterday was a revelation. Scott and I keep going over our memories of the ceremony - what we were thinking at each moment, what we were feeling, your delivery, your tone - it was all just perfection followed by perfection followed by perfection. 

For such a symbolic and momentous moment in two peoples' lives, you wonder if anyone can ever do it justice, but because of you it was a truly magic moment. The magic and enchantment YOU gave to our ceremony has set the foundation for our life together, and I think it will be present in all our future years! We have the "sparkle and shine of Bettina" infused into our marriage and I believe it will bring us your LIGHT and LAUGHTER forever.

Christiana and Scott

I wanted to let you know how wonderful the ceremony was.  Your good energy and positive outlook were exactly what we had wished for on our special day.  Our family collectively felt that it was the best wedding ceremony they had ever attended.  We feel very lucky to have had you as our Celebrant!

Denis and Marie

Everyone is raving about yesterday and what a fantastic ceremony you gave, your absolutely perfect delivery. Several people have said that you must be a dear family member and it was as if you've known us for years and that your words were exactly "us" and our personalities. Pretty much everyone has said that you brought tears to their eyes and that it was the best, most touching, and most personal ceremony they've ever attended. And everyone's asking how we found you! AND a few people who actually had the opportunity to meet you have said that you radiate joy and you're so special and delightful. All night and all today people keep raving about the ceremony as a whole and you in particular. For Tim and I, yesterday's ceremony was the most amazing and special moment of our lives to date. All your words were perfect - you said everything deliberately and with love and with meaning.

Tori and Tim

Well, Bettina, how do we properly thank you for making our wedding ceremony so personal, memorable and perfectly romantic. Even the GROOMSMEN were tears -- a feat we thought not possible. 

You have a true gift -- a way of using your voice to scoop people up and make them feel like they are a part of a warm group hug all throughout the ceremony. Your serious tone coupled with comic relief was exactly what we were hoping for on our wedding day -- a way to convey the importance but also express the sheer joy of the moment. 

Our guests were really blown away and impressed. I've never seen a crowd leave a wedding so touched, emotional and wishing it could have lasted longer. Literally every guest said to us 'beautiful ceremony' and that was very touching (they weren't just there for the free booze after all!!)

Best wishes to you, Bettina. We'll cherish the words of wisdom you shared with us for a lifetime. 

Rachel & Joergen

Thank you very much for playing an essential role in our important day.  Many guests who attended the ceremony were emotionally moved and each day we receive comments from guests on how wonderful the ceremony was !
Thank you again and we hope you will continue to share your presence for other newly weds so that they can feel as lucky as us for your existence in their important day!

You were awesome, everyone loved you.  I LOVED LOVED your outfit :)  The ceremony was beautiful, thank you for being a part of our day.

Marianne and Robert

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding – a HUGE part of our wedding!  I cannot begin to tell you how many compliments that we have gotten.  The day was perfect, the ceremony perfectly reflected who we are as a couple – and you were simply amazing. 
Everyone keeps asking “Who was that woman?  Where did you find her?  That ceremony was the most incredible ceremony I have ever heard…”
One of my friends actually sent me this note:
“Jane, that was the most beautiful, intimate, most well arranged ceremonies I've ever been to. So perfect that you made me feel that there is hope for true love.”
Thank you Bettina.  I am so happy that I lucked into finding you.

Jane and Michael

Thank you again for all that you did to make our wedding special.  Maria was not exaggerating, our guests LOVED YOU.  In fact, I think a few of them went home and googled, "how to become a celebrant.  You made quite an impression, thank you.

Just wanted to make sure we aren't misunderstanding what you want us to do with your fee.  Just checking you want us to donate the entire fee to the Red Cross?  Forgive me for asking again, but you did such an amazing job, we just wanted to make sure you got your due.

Thanks much Bettina.

Colin & Maria

I want to thank you for the most incredible ceremony that you led on Saturday. It was beautiful and truthful and so wonderful. You led it with grace and humor and style - and in such humidity still managed to look utterly gorgeous!!  Our guests were thrilled and we really can't find the words to express how wonderful it was and your generosity in giving this to us. We also really appreciated the time you took to talk to our guests and to get to know them. 

I am thrilled that you were a part of our special day - it could not have been a better choice of person than you. You are so gifted in "celebrancy"!!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts - you are a truly fabulous woman.

Olivia and Garry

We have not stopped getting compliments about the ceremony and about what a wonderful job you did!!  You truly made our day so special and made it feel so intimate, it was wonderful!!

Thank you again, everything was more than we ever could have asked for or even imagined.  We will definitely stay in touch!!

Camille and Anton

On behalf of all of us, especially Seth and I, we would like to thank you for a fantastic and fun wedding ceremony! We loved the Homer Simpson quote - the entire ceremony was lighthearted but also captured the serious parts of the day. We could not have been happier with the way it turned out. 

Thanks again for all of your energy and hard work!


Mackenzie and Seth