Sometimes enormous diplomacy is required
to meet the needs of everyone involved

The first step is a meeting for you to discuss your expectations, ideas and backgrounds. We can either meet at my home in Manhattan (East Village) or anywhere that is convenient for you. At this meeting, you will be provided with material to inspire and perhaps fill out a specially designed questionnaire. 

This is your day, I understand diplomacy is required in order that the needs of all can be accommodated. Perhaps your mother wanted you to get married in the church or temple she did. Perhaps there are very important loved ones who are separated by death. Or consider the wedding of an Irishmen to his Japanese bride. It was deemed inappropriate to shake or hug the Mother of the Bride as he would naturally do in his own culture. Instead it was agreed that he would bow at a particular angle to the mother and she to him. It was an incredibly moving moment. 

Bridal Image 4A.jpg