Include rituals unique to your heritage and beliefs

Your Vows

Perhaps you have always dreamed of saying your own vows. With as much overall guidance and structural help from me as you need, I know you can write significant and beautiful vows. Start by sitting down with your partner and talking about your daily lives, how you feel about marriage and what the day will mean to you.

If your future family attending have a limited understanding of English, learn to say your vows in your sweetheart's language. One of the most moving weddings I ever witnessed was where a Bride had taken the extraordinary effort to say her vows in Cantonese. Needless to say it brought the family to tears. 

The Music

We can also discuss music and other aspects of the ceremony. Traditionally, couples choose musical accompaniment for three parts of the ceremony. The prelude, when the guests are seated, the Processional and the Recessional. Maybe you have a friend who is a musician or a singer, or you might have a favorite song. These are all exciting and creative elements at your disposal.

A Reading

A reading is a chance to include honored friends or family in the ceremony, alternatively, many couples choose to read something significant themselves. This is also an opportunity to pay homage to a religious upbringing or the beliefs of your family with a piece of significant religious text. It could also be a translation of a favored writer from your heritage like Pablo Neruda or Haruki Murakami. Whatever you decide, lets try and find a way of letting your guests know why this is significant for you. 

Congratulations on your union and best of luck in the preparation, the day and the rest of your lives. I look forward to assisting you with this ceremony. Most importantly, I am delighted that two people have been lucky enough to find each other.

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